Tuesday , 19 February 2019
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Darling James – ‘Mood Eyes’ Tour

Today Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Darling James (aka James O’Brien) announces his highly anticipated sophomore EP MOOD EYES and an accompanying six date East Coast tour kicking off in August.
Following on from late 2016’s six-track release ‘Theory Of Mind’, new EP MOOD EYES draws inspiration from the most accessible moments of its predecessor and launches into a world of high-key but considered and dignified pastel-pop.

Teaser track ‘Didn’t Get It Right’ is propelled by a trickling zither over a giant, Stranger Things-esque synth while recently released first single ‘Silver Bullet’ is pop encapsulated, with its huge chorus and tales of escape, indulgence and denial. “I wanted every moment on Mood Eyes to really grab you by the scruff of the neck and make you listen to it” says O’Brien. “But I also wanted it to be a release you could put on and easily enjoy top to bottom, so I kept the tempos consistent and the overall feel exciting but still measured and thoughtful”.

While there’s still a wait until fans have a chance to hear the E.P. in full, what Darling James has offered so far suggests this is going to be a fully-realized and thought provoking release sparkling with O’Brien’s unmistakable pop focus and head-bopping production.

O’Brien pieced together MOOD EYES at home over most of 2017, auditioning and scrapping countless songs before settling on the six tracks that finally made the cut. Taking the recordings to long-time collaborator Robin Waters the two then brought in additional musicians while Waters began sorting through and mixing the reams of synths, vocals, string instruments and samples that O’Brien had thrown together. The result is a vibrant but dignified collection of pop songs that cover everything from regret and acceptance (‘Didn’t Get It Right’), burning the candle at both ends (‘Glass Canoe’) and the joy of leaving the party scene behind for the one you love (‘You’re the Only One I Need Now’).